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  1. Uncrowned Guard

    Other than money...

    A lot of life skills. Tons of connections. A strange interaction with our community. Discounted fish once a year.
  2. Uncrowned Guard

    Did you play Winterfest in Fortnite?

    I did not, I have tried many times to get into Fortnite, but 3rd person is not my thing.
  3. Uncrowned Guard

    What time do you normally go to bed?

    I do shift work, so somewhere between 5pm and 7am lol
  4. Uncrowned Guard

    Would you want to be the mayor?

    I'd fire everyone and then probably ruin the town into ruin.
  5. Uncrowned Guard

    Alvin Bragg Appears Poised to Indict Trump, Touching Off a Political Storm - The New York Times

    This might be a nightmare on how it will go down. I saw Trump is already calling for protests, which does not seem to be the best way to handle things.
  6. Uncrowned Guard

    Are comments necessary?

    I find comments to be very helpful down the road. That aren't truly needed, but having some tips when editing something 5 years later is nice.
  7. Uncrowned Guard

    Forum Uncrowned Addiction (Off-Topic/Tech Community)

    Uncrowned Addiction provides free, community-driven, online resources for the advancement, development, growth, and improvement of our user's technology-focused activities. Uncrowned Addiction provides a free-to-use technology-based community for everyone to use. Our community is focused on...
  8. Uncrowned Guard

    Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome to The Chat Society! Sounds like you are quite busy!
  9. Uncrowned Guard

    Canned, frozen and processed food?

    They all deserve their own research, but I generally find frozen food to often be fresh and less chemical-filled than many "fresh" foods. Canned stuff can be good as I don't get behind the whole "BPA will kill you in any amount" team, but there are certainly canned foods that use iffy...
  10. Uncrowned Guard

    Community Input Favorite TCS Theme?

    I have stuck with Dark v2.
  11. Uncrowned Guard

    4-day work week - Why or why not?

    I never really had a standard work schedule and always worked rotating 12s over a 2 or 4-week period. But I am currently in training for something that is 10-hour shifts Mon-Thur and it is really nice. Granted I go back to a monthly schedule afterward, but I will admit that 4 day weeks are...
  12. Uncrowned Guard

    Gone to the hospital in an ambulance?

    I worked on an ambulance for 10 years and continue to do so, but currently just part time. But as a patient, no.
  13. Uncrowned Guard

    What is the best VPN?

    I have used Private Intenet Access for years and can't find any reason to change it. They are cheap and offer the features I want. One of the biggest features I look for is tunneling, this allows me to use one browser with the VPN and the rest of my system is unaffected.
  14. Uncrowned Guard

    Winning is most important

    Professional sport? Maybe. Recreational sport? No. For the average player, having fun and being a good sportsmanship filled environment makes the day better than simply winning. Even for paid players, being a good and supportive teammate is often better for the whole team than simply being the...
  15. Uncrowned Guard

    Shopping online or offline?

    I much prefer online shopping except for furniture and clothing. Both of those things I like to actually experience before buying as photos just don't work to show the quality, feel, sizing, etc.
  16. Uncrowned Guard

    What is your favorite forum software?

    Xenforo is my favorite forum software and the best one IMO. I use IPS due to its vast suite of apps and having a forum that I really enjoy.
  17. Uncrowned Guard

    What photo editing software do you use?

    I currently use photoshop and it is a love-hate relationship, to say the least.
  18. Uncrowned Guard

    Alec Baldwin to be charged with manslaughter in fatal shooting on the set of 'Rust,' DA says - NBC News

    This sounds like the correct charge for what happened. It is still a sad tragedy and no idea who his trail and punishment will go, but he had a duty to provide a safe workplace and violated that safety. In many ways it is lucky that it was him pulling the trigger instead of some worker who...
  19. Uncrowned Guard

    Abolish the Death Penalty?

    I am not against Capital Punishment as a whole, but in the way it is currently handled I believe we should just drop it and go with life terms. The system takes years (sometimes forever) to actually perform the action and legal battles and cultural changes have caused all sorts of strange...

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