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  1. Axel

    Contest Spooktober Thread & Referral Competition - Cash Prizes

    Thank you! Congrats everyone :D
  2. Axel

    Current favorite song?

    What's currently your favorite song? I'm listening to Unholy by Sam Smith on repeat
  3. Axel

    What is your favorite color?

    I love the color orange
  4. Axel

    Ever been fired?

    I was fired once in one of my first jobs because I would come in late on some days since I worked directly after school
  5. Axel

    Would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or broken elevator?

    I would be stuck on a ski lift, at least you can sit there and call for help. While on an elevator you can be unsure when help will arrive and it can be claustrophobic
  6. Axel

    What's an unpopular opinion you have?

    An unpopular opinion I have is that everyone with a license should be retested on their ability to drive, at least every 5-10 years
  7. Axel

    What's the last book you gave up on and stopped reading?

    The last book I was ready and failed to pick back up was Stephen King's The Outsider
  8. Axel

    Does the U.S. require gun control?

    The second amendment states U.S. citizens have the right to own weapons. However, the second amendment was written many years ago and things change with time. With mass shootings becoming an every day occurrence, do we need gun control?
  9. Axel

    Does background music help you focus?

    Do you enjoy focusing while listening to music?
  10. Axel

    How much water do you drink?

    Hydration is so important, how much water do you drink on a daily basis?
  11. Axel

    What do you think of forum software prices?

    I like Xenforo and think it's a good price, I wouldn't pay more than what it already is though
  12. Axel

    Chocolate or Vanilla?

    Chocolate or vanilla, in terms of ice cream flavor
  13. Axel

    Paint n Sip

    Has anyone been to a paint and sip / paintbar? We have several in my area and I've been twice, it's super fun
  14. Axel

    Night out or night in?

    Do you prefer spending your night out partying/at a bar or having a night in?
  15. Axel

    iOS or Android?

    Definitely iOS, I have always had an iPhone
  16. Axel

    How would you spend your birthday if money was no object?

    I would spend it travelling, maybe a month-long celebration through Europe and Asia
  17. Axel

    If you could develop an app...

    What would it be? I'd develop an app for digital mall maps. So many people continue to shop in-person, and instead of having to walk around looking for a store or using one of the mall info maps located sporadically, I'd develop an app that contained the layout of malls
  18. Axel

    Favorite thing about school?

    High school may have been the toughest on a lot of people because you're not as sheltered as you are in middle and elementary schools, at least not in my area. High school had a lot of negatives, but for me, my favorite thing was the elective classes we could take. Alongside the required...
  19. Axel

    Favorite NBA team?

    I'm a huge fan of basketball, used to play when I was younger and been to several professional games My favorite team, being from NC, is the Hornets
  20. Axel

    How often do you read?

    I used to love to read but don't seem to have time to dedicate to my reading. Also haven't found a book that has gotten be hooked to read, kind of like binge-watching a show

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