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Carrie Fisher, anyone?


I've loved her as "Princess Leia" in "Star Wars". I don't think she's had any major roles to play apart from this one, at least I haven't seen any myself TBH so yeah. I think she's pretty courageous, brave and a badass princess. She's also a people's princess and general in the Disney Star Wars films. I've enjoyed Disney's bringing back the old cast to their new films. Her death is tragic for her fans and such a loss for me personally too because she's truly brilliant both as an actress and a person. What about you? What do you think of her for you personally? Do you like her or not as an actress and a person in your eyes?


OMG I had a huge crush on her when I was growing up! Her in her Jaba Bikini! WHOA!!! Her passing is quite a shame, not sure why someone in their 60's would take cocaine, methadone, ecstasy, alcohol and opiates all at the same time.

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