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Cyber Monday 2022


Although it was yesterday, has anyone made any purchases or found any big sales?

I wasn't pretty underwhelmed with the sales this year
I lost a lot of motivation to keep up with Cyber Monday as so many online stores do shady tactics to show amazing deals that are off-putting for the entire day. Even major retailers like Amazon love to raise the base price by 50% to put it 75% off, but you save nothing more than a regular sale and sometimes even pay more than non-sale pricing. Plus so many are locked to premium memberships and such, I don't want to have to research a sale for 45 minutes to make sure I can even buy it, let alone find out if it is a scam.
I honestly didn't see much at all last year for Cyber Monday but I saw plenty for Black Friday. During the Black Friday sales, I was able to pick up an official Xbox controller for my daughter and my two younger sons for an early Christmas present as they needed new controllers for the normal price I would have paid for a third-party one so I was happy about that.

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