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Debit card or Credit card?


Between making use of debit card and credit card, which one are you currently making use of? I have both credit card and debit card but I make use of debit card more often than I do with my credit card.

Pulling out my credit card is mostly in case of emergencies. I have seen a lot of people that have drowned in debt as a result of how they use their credit cards and I don't want to fall victim as well.
I have several credit cards and one debit card. I usually use my debit card for smaller purchases, but I tend to use my credit cards for everything else since I get travel points or cashback depending on where I am spending money.

I do balance between my credit cards and make sure they never exceed a certain limit, and continuously pay them off in chunks so my credit usage stays low
I never use my debit card. I don't even carry it with me and don't remember the pin for it. I prefer to use the credit card since we get rewards for using it. Cash back is awesome!
The best thing to do is get a credit card and debit card and use your credit card but have the money get paid out of you debit card at the end of the month, this way you don’t ever owe any money and you get 10% of what you spend back.
Prefer neither. We pay with cash. Yes, there is “cash back” for using a credit card but to us, the more your card is out there, the more it can be hacked. Now, if it’s online, we prefer Paypal. But we are VERY picky as to who we buy from.

I learned early on to pay cash. It's too easy to go over a budget. We have no debt. No mortgage. Only bills we have are the monthly ones. Plus, if there’s a blackout, cards are useless along with other tech. If someone steals your purse or wallet, they can take all that’s in your account. If it’s cash, it’s just what’s there.
Debit card. I tried CashApp but hated it. My sister used it but she kept getting hacked.
I use different kinds of payment systems depending on availability. When I am shopping online I use a mobile wallet when I am shopping offline if available I use a QR payment system and directly pay from the bank, I also use a credit card and debit card.

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