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Do you make use of PayPal?


PayPal to the best of my knowledge is the best online payment processor in the world today. As far as I'm concerned, they don't have any competition in the market. Most businesses now make use of PayPal as a means to receive payments.

Do you have a PayPal account and what's your purpose for using PayPal if you have one?
Having my real name & address out there is one of the reasons I haven't utilized other services that most forums use. I'm very picky as to who has my personal info. My husband uses Paypal for when he buys & sells on Ebay but that is more doable as he is actually buying or sending something to another so of course they would need our address. But anything online i.e. help with forums, tech, things that are not "physical", I prefer to pay in other ways i.e. forum currency if applicable or even supporting their forum.
I use PayPal mainly for purchases on eBay or transactions between other webmasters. Aside from that, in the "real world", I use Venmo and CashApp to send and receive money quickly
Yes, I do make use of PayPal and I use it almost daily for receiving payments for my work. It's the only app that I will trust along with CashApp if I am honest but it's the one I know most people use and is the most widely used and trusted by many so it makes sense to have an account and have the option to accept via PayPal. Have never had any issues with PayPal since I started using it.
I use it as a payment solution a lot online. Overall it allows a safe and secure process for paying multiple websites and really only risks your email being leaked from those sites. I can't say PayPal is a great company, but nothing is supported like PayPal is.

I have been using Privacy.com in its place a lot anymore as just using fake cards is much easier than linking PayPal and all the fun.
i use PayPal to receive money or to buy on internet

I think I have over 15 yers since I registered my PayPal account

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