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Do you prefer to visit places with beaches or places with museums and culture?


I personally enjoy places with culture, history, and architecture.

I love a classic beach trip, but the culture of other places is what makes travelling all worth it by seeing other places around the world from their perspective
I have to agree with you. I love the beach. The sand, the water. We have many freshwater lakes in Michigan. However, I also love learning about various cultures. Sometimes we learn from their mistakes. Other times, we just take it for granted.
I'm usually more of a museum and architecture type, and love going to European capitals for just that. Yet, whenever I've had a super stressful period I usually just want to sit on a beach with a pink umbrella drink and just do nothing.
A trip to the beach is nice once a year, especially after a stressful period at work

But going to the beach frequently would get repetitive, visiting different landscapes and cultures is something that will always give us new experiences

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