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Do you use online banking?


I have subscribed to online banking services from my bank. The online banking service allows me to send funds, check statements, make payments to merchants, etc. online banking is actually banking from home. It makes life easy.
My hubby uses this. I'm the one that pays the bills, however, my hubby is always looking at the bank account online to see when all the bills are getting paid or that the check goes through.

Plus, he's on his mom's account and she's always asking him to get online to tell her how much money she has in her account. So, he has to go online to look at stuff anyway so why not check out our stuff while he's there.
I have used online banking for quite a while now and I couldn't be without it. I do everything with online banking from checking my funds to seeing when funds go out, what funds are pending, and even sending money to friends and family through the online banking app. I would be so lost without access to my online banking so I am glad it's there and available.

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