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How many bank accounts do you have?


Are you the kind of person that runs multiple bank accounts or just the likes that are very comfortable with operating just a single bank account? Although, there are some people who don't save their money in the bank for their personal reasons.

As for me, when it comes to operating bank accounts, I currently have 3 bank account with different banks. One of the account is for my personal use, the other is for business use and the last one is for emergency situations.
I use 2 separate banks, one for personal use/savings and another mainly for credit
I have 4 bank accounts, one, for daily spending, two, for investment, three, for emergency savings, and four for the business-related transaction. All of my accounts are saving accounts, therefore, I also receive some interests on my saving.
  1. Daily spending.
  2. Apartment-related. To pay apartment-related bills and to receive rent.
  3. Savings. I never withdraw from this account.
  4. Fun savings. For smaller stuff I save for, or to supply my daily spending account if I'm short one month.
  5. Auto-savings. I withdraw an additional $1 every time I use my debit card, and it ends up in this account.
I have my main bank account and also another bank account I created so that my ex who I was in an abusive relationship with could send me money for his kids' upkeep, I would use this account to receive that money and then move it over to my main account so that if he ever tried to use my bank details for anything, it would just deny it and he wouldn't have any luck in taking my money.

I also have a savings account as well as my main account and my second account.

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