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How often do you view your bank statements?


How often do you view your bank statements or recent transactions online?

I review my transactions/statements pretty regularly, there's been numerous times where I've seen unauthorized charges on one of my accounts. Checking my statement helped me resolve it as quickly as possible and freeze my other card.
Twice a month on average. I don't like going longer than that as I keep a detailed account in Word. Plus, if there are discrepancies, I want to be able to contact my bank as soon as I can.
I check my bank statement every week, basically for two reasons, one, to see if there are unauthorized transactions, and two check my spending. if there are anomalies, I report to the bank, and as far as spendings are concerned, if I see unwanted expenses, I try to avoid spending on the same category
I have access to online banking and my mobile app for my bank so I am able to check my bank statement or even just my bank account and my transactions on a daily basis and multiple times a day. I would be lost without my banking app if I am honest as it makes life so much easier.

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