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What would you refuse to buy even if you were a millionaire?


So, what would it be?

I definitely wouldn't buy a ridiculously large house or mansion like some millionaires do. I don't need 20 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. I'd rather find a nice plot of land to build a house and make it feel like home
I always thought that even if I were a millionaire, I would not need a mansion or an expensive car.
For us, it would be anything we don't buy now! I don't believe in being a spendthrift. If we didn't need 20 bedrooms now, we wouldn't need it then. I find those people who burn through their money fast like that are the first ones who tend to go bankrupt just as fast. They live beyond their means, way beyond. That's another one, people want that new lifestyle so tend to BUY friends. They get so caught up in a new lifestyle & forget their true friends.

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