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Have you been looking for another community to post at? Your search ends here! Off Topix is one of the best forums around. Stop by OT and see for yourself. ❤️

Fourteen years ago (in September of 2009) Off Topix originally launched as the Wober Discussion Community. We've gone through several transformations over the years. Back in 2009 we started out on a free forum software called phpBB. Once the community started to gain some traction I opted to convert the forum to a paid software. vBulletin was the hot software at the time so I bought a license for that and switched over to that platform for a while. After that we spent some time on IPB, MyBB and finally landed on Xenforo. In 2016 the forum closed it's doors and after a 6 year hiatus, we returned in June 2022. We returned to the internet with a fresh new identity! The forum was rebranded and relaunched as Off Topix. Members (old and new) swarmed back to the forum when they heard we were open again and activity has been booming! OT truly is an amazing community and I am thrilled to announce our 14th anniversary!

Happy birthday OT!

Cheers to many many more anniversaries!

Come celebrate with us here: offtopix.com/threads/43769

Your friendly OT Staff Team

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