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Did you play Winterfest in Fortnite?


Epic Games and Fortnite's Christmas event called Winterfest has now been and gone and much like any other year, it did not disappoint at all. The opportunity to participate in Christmas-themed creative modes and also the opportunity to enter crack shots cabin from the lobby screen and open a present daily for a new in-game item was a lot of fun.

This past year though, I didn't have as much time as I normally would have to sit and play the Winterfest event as I was so busy away from my Xbox, I did get to play some of it and I did get to open my daily presents but I did miss out on a lot of the Winterfest themed challenges this year which was a shame.

Did you participate in Winterfest this past Christmas on Fortnite? What were your thoughts on it this time around?
I always finish the battle pass, I didn’t collect some of the gifts from winter fest as well

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