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Do you still watch movies on DVD player?


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I know a few classics people who still watches their movies on a DVD player. I used to watch my movies on it and play movies too but now I'm using Netflix to watch most of my movies.
I used to for the longest time, even when Netflix was starting to get popular back in the Blockbuster days. I had a Blockbuster right near my house so I used to always go there each week to pick up some new movies

Nowadays, I only use Netflix, Prime Video, etc.
No, I haven't watched a DVD for a longest time. I don't think I have a way to even play DVDs anymore to be honest even though I know I still have some stored in the house. I think the last time we used DVDs at all was back in 2015 when my kids would watch them on a night before they went to sleep. Now we either use streaming services or they use YouTube.
I still have DVDs but I no longer watch movies on DVDs, I like to stream movies. I stopped using DVDs when I subscribed to an unlimited internet plan about 5 years ago. Before that, I was using prepaid internet and it was not possible to stream movies because of the cost associated with internet bills

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