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Shopping online or offline?


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I used to look down on shopping online till took the leap of faith and tried it out for the first time. I was so impressed with how the services was carried out and my purchased products delivered at my doorstep.

Ever since then, I purchase almost everything item I need online and I have never had a bad experience. What matters most is being very careful of the online store you're making use of.
I order from Amazon all the time!! I won't get my groceries online but my neighbors do that and get their items delivered. I like to pick out which fruits and veggies I buy and I'm very picky with those. Plus, I grab the sale meats and you can't request that online.
I prefer online shopping over in-person. I am always shopping on Amazon, the only in-person shopping I do is mainly for clothes or food items, but everything else is pretty much straight from Amazon
Online is better because there is all items are at a discount and cheap than offline markets
It depends on what I am buying. When I am buying something that costs a lot of money, I prefer to walk to the store to buy the item, however, when it comes to buying something that does not cost a lot of money, I like to buy online.
I much prefer online shopping except for furniture and clothing. Both of those things I like to actually experience before buying as photos just don't work to show the quality, feel, sizing, etc.

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