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What's the last movie you watched in the cinema?


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I used to visit the cinema very often because movies is one of my favorite hobbies. It was why I was so much affected when the pandemic of coronavirus hit the world and caused a worldwide lockdown. I couldn't go to the cinema again for a long time.

But ever since the lockdown have been lifted, even though I'm still very careful with how I expose myself in public areas, I still manage to get some cinema time.

The last movie I watched there was Top Gun : Maverick. I might be getting a ticket for Prey 2022 as well.
Portrait of a Lady on Fire that was so stellar to see on the big screen. That movie is fanastic.
I just watched See How They Run in theaters, pretty great movie and highly recommend it. Also had some comedy which I wasn't expecting having not read any reviews or seen the trailer
The last movie I watched in the cinema was Austin Powers - Goldmember. I remember going with around 4 - 5 friends I used to hang out with and we had an absolute blast. Back when I went to watch that, it wasn't as expensive as it is nowadays to go see a movie. I haven't been to see a movie at the cinema since that one.

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