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What's your best means of transportation when travelling?


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When it comes to transportation, the three means are the usual air, road and water/sea. I'm the kind of person that's never going to be comfortable travelling by sea for any other reason whatsoever. This is because I get sea sick the moment the ship or boat moves, so it's a no no for me.

Travelling by air will always remain my favourite because it's a lean, mean and fast means of travel. I can only do road when the distance isn't too long and I'd be driving with friends.
We usually opt to travel by car. It's cheaper and we don't have to wait in an airport for hours. It can get boring though and sitting for too long can be a problem.
We only visit places that are within a few hours so by car is the best option for us. I haven't traveled on a plane in a very long time. It's great if you don't have that much time & need to get somewhere fast i.e. a funeral. Otherwise, there's nothing like doing a sightseeing tour while on your way to your destination.
Train, definitely! Won't have to go through the hassle of airports or driving on monotone roads, but can instead just enjoy the view out the window and fully relax.

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